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Withstand: Latinx Art in Times of Conflict

Holocaust Museum Houston

April 30 through October 17, 2021

AMoA Biennial 600
Amarillo Museum of Art

October 23, 2021 - January 2, 2022

Withstand: Latinx Art in Times of Conflict explores themes of social justice and human rights through 100 artworks of Houston Latinx artists. The multi-media exhibition provides a platform that examines issues that impact the community, fosters dialogue on difficult questions, and ultimately empowers social change through art. The art featured in the exhibition includes several themes of focus including border relations, gender roles, domestic violence, the immigrant experience and social and political turmoil. Withstand is curated by Gabriela Magana and Rosa Ana Orlando.

Minimal Monumentality is an installation that was conceived during the pandemic lockdown. The work consists of 28 collage pieces of 4 x 6 inches, fastened in line to a wall, and faced by a white void column containing a video device. Inside the column, there is a continuous looping video, shot from above, of the artist working in front of her studio table. Mariam Matrem, a XIV Century Choral Polyphonic piece is playing. The video invites the spectator to look down and inside. It invites them to intimately witness the artist’s work process.

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