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PASSAGES, 2010 - 2015

“PASSAGES” was a body of work exhibited in 2015, one and a half year  after I moved to Houston. At the time I wrote: it is a testimony of a transit, a movement, motion, a passage from one place to another.

In most of the pieces I used printed images taken from pages of discarded books, magazines or art catalogues as visual support. With and on their surface I painted, drew, glued torn and  cut paper and then, painted again. Common to a collage practice I have engaged in for years, I deconstructed, constructed, and recomposed each piece on a printed subject which was only a pretext. Fragments of preexisting worlds were fused into a new reality by the use of other expressive elements such as color, textures and brush marks.

In some cases, I drew directly on a printed surface, like in Calligraphic dialogue with Cartier I and II as well as in most of the wood panels 2010 and 2015. In other works, a process consisting of adding -and taking away- layers of paint, paper, pastel, marker, etc. takes place. 

In an exercise of inner and outer attentiveness and distillation I go for what each piece demands. Media and scale unify this selection of pieces. Inner landscapes and my perception of multiple dimensions become a sort of journal in the continuum of the journey that Art is to me.

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