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Visual Artist


Born in Paris, France, Carolina Otero is a Venezuelan visual artist based in Houston, Texas. A graduate of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City.  Otero works on painting, drawing, mixed media, collage, printmaking, photography and more recently, plaster and ceramics 


In addition to her lifelong practice as a visual artist, Otero relishes teaching art. Her interest in learning creative processes has led her to pursue independent studies related to pedagogy and human development. 


Solo Exhibitions: Beatriz Gil Galería, Caracas; The Transart Foundation for Art and Anthropology, Houston; Pinta Miami Art Fair 2017, Pinta Platform, Galería Regina, Houston; French Alliance Gallery, Galería Okyo, Galería Félix and Sala Mendoza, Caracas, Venezuela; Asociación Ateneo de Aragua, Ateneo de Maracay, Venezuela; Galerie des 7 voies, Paris, France; Thereses Kunstsalong, Oslo, Norway. 


Group Exhibitions: Lawndale Art Center, Houston; Lone Star College, Kingwood; Archway Gallery, Houston; Amarillo Museum of Art; Holocaust Museum Houston; Sicardi Ayers Bacino, Artbox Gallery, The Union (Houston, Texas); Nina Torres, Miami; National Gallery of Art, Mario Abreu Contemporary Art Museum, Venezuela.



1985           Bachelor of Fine Arts. The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. New York, New York.


  • Courses and workshops in education and human development with Dr. Elaine de Beauport, Dr. Aura Sofía Díaz, Dr. Gail Kunz, Barbara Glazer, Marianela Castes, Jean Houston, Magali Egui, Cristina de Lecuna, Carmen Evelia de Lara, Ricardo Márquez, Angel Tovar and Marianthi Constantinu.

  • Experimental Printmaking, Project Based Residencies with Soledad Salamé. Sol Print Studio, Baltimore. June 2018  and December 2019.


2023          Poética de lo sutil, Beatriz Gil Galería, Caracas, Venezuela.

2022          L’INFRAMINCE, The Transart Foundation for Art and Anthropology, Houston,Texas.

2017         Time Travels. PINTA Miami 2017: Crossing Cultures. Solo Projects. Miami, Florida.

2015         Passages. Galería Regina, Houston, Texas.

2011         Imágenes intervenidas (Intervened Images). French Alliance. Caracas, Venezuela.

2008         Papel sobre papel (Paper on Paper). Galería Okyo, Caracas, Venezuela.

2005         Private Exhibition. Caracas, Venezuela.

2001         Caserío del color (Village of Color). Galería Félix, Caracas, Venezuela.

2001         Pulso, color y gesto (Pulse, Color and Gesture). Asociación Ateneo de Argaua, Maracay, Venezuela.

1996         Carolina Otero. Galerie des 7 Voies. Paris, France.

1995         Collages. Thereses Kunstsalong. Oslo, Norway.

1991         Pinturas, dibujos y collages (Paintings, Drawings and Collages). Sala Mendoza. Caracas, Venezuela.




2023         The Big Show. Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas.

2023         Passages/Pasajes, Lone Star College, Kingwood, Kingwood, Texas.

2022         4th Annual Juried Exhibition, Archway Gallery, Houston, Texas.

2022        Sawyer Yards; Art on the Avenue, 25th Anniversary Juried Exhibition. Houston, Texas.

2021        AMoA Biennial 600: Justice, Equality, Race, Identity. Amarillo, Texas.

2021        The Big Show. Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas.

2021.       Sawyer Yards; Art on the Avenue, Juried Exhibition. Houston, Texas. (2nd Prize)

2021        Withstand: Latinx Art in Times of Conflict. Holocaust Museum Houston. Texas.

2021         Unframed, Sicardi Ayers Bacino Gallery. Houston, Texas.

2019         South American Focus II, Artbox Gallery. Houston, Texas.

2019         Generation One, The Union Gallery. Houston, Texas.

2019         South American Focus I, Artbox Gallery. Houston, Texas.

2017         Private Collective Exhibit. Kirksey Architecture. Houston, Texas.

2015         Bazaart. Silver Street Studios. Houston, Texas.

2014         Annual Art Show. The Jung Center. Houston, Texas.

2014         Art League of Houston Show. Houston, Texas.

2012         Nina Torres Fine Art. Miami, Florida.

2006         2nda. Edición, Certamen Mayor de las Artes y las Letras, Visual Arts Chapter. Museo del Estado Miranda. Los Teques.

2005         Megaexposición (Mega-Exhibition). Galería de Arte Nacional. Caracas, and Museo del Estado Miranda, Venezuela.

2000         XXV Salón Nacional de Arte Aragua. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Maracay Mario Abreu. Maracay, Venezuela.

1999         Artistas de los Altos Mirandinos (Artists of the Altos de Miranda). Edificio Sede Alcaldía de Baruta. Caracas, Venezuela.

1998         7X3  sobre papel (7 X 3 on Paper). La Galería del Sacro. Museo Sacro. Caracas, Venezuela.

1997         VII Salón Municipal de Arte (VII Municipal Art Show). San Antonio de los Altos. Miranda, Venezuela.

1995         Galería Las Américas, San Antonio de los Altos. Miranda, Venezuela.

1985-87    Instituto de Arte Federico Brandt. Caracas, Venezuela.


The work of Carolina Otero is represented in private and public collections in the United States, Canada, France, Norway, England, Australia, Colombia, and Venezuela. Reviews, interviews, and others have been published in mainstream newspapers and magazines in Venezuela, Norway, and the United States. Carolina illustrated the children’s book Las Historias de Miguel Vicente Pata Caliente, written by renowned Venezuelan author Orlando Araujo, and published in the 1970s.

Carolina Otero has donated art pieces to charity projects and institutions both in Venezuela and in the USA. Among them:  Latin Women of Houston, Fresh Arts, Wellness for Growth Foundation, and Houston Arts Alliance Emergency Funds. Escuela Comunitaria San Antonio de los Altos, Hogares Bambi, Fundaguilas,



Art Educator



Escuela Comunitaria San Antonio de los Altos, San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela.

Supervised Art Education programs through workshops and discussions.



Caracas, San Antonio de los Altos and Araure, Venezuela. Developed art education curriculum and taught workshops to Preschool and Elementary School Art Teachers, both individually and in collaboration with artists and educators Toña Vegas and María Elena Nuñez.



Caracas and San Antonio de los Altos, Estado Miranda, Venezuela.

Taught painting, drawing and art history courses at the Instituto de Arte Federico Brandt, Escuela de Música San Antonio de los Altos, Instituto de Artes Integradas and the Escuela Comunitaria San Antonio de los Altos.



Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, New York, USA.

Worked at the Cooper Union Saturday Program: Student lead classes to assist future Cooper Union applicants in creating an art portfolio.




2016-18        Curator, Otero Pardo Foundation.

2006-2011    Curator for the future Otero Pardo Foundation.

Worked on general vision and executed hands-on projects, among them inventory, storage and conservation of documents. Collaborated on solo and group exhibitions, house remodeling, and maintenance.


2006-2010    Curator and co-producer for a book of drawings of Alejandro Otero.

Collaborated with Artesano Group editorial house on the publication of two major monographic books: Alejandro Otero ante la crítica. Voces en el sendero plastico, and Memoria crítica. Alejandro Otero.

2013          Wrote catalog text for exhibition Animal by Angel Marcano, held at Galería D'Museo, in Caracas, Venezuela.

2010           Co-wrote catalog text for the art exhibition Canto Rodado by María Elena Nuñez, held at Galería Sanarte, Caracas, 


2008-2009   Projects Curator, 50th Anniversary celebration of ECSA. San Antonio de los Altos. Estado Miranda, Venezuela.

1998-1999    Curator and program manager of the 40th Anniversary Celebration of ECSA: a year of cultural events for the 40th Anniversary of the Escuela Comunitaria. Management and co-producer of Photography exhibitions, a photographic projection event, workshops, award recognition ceremonies, concerts, and the final event celebration for more than 500 people.


1990-1991    Co-curator, Mercedes Pardo: Moradas del color (anthological exhibition of 50 years of work), National Gallery of Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela.



2018         Guided talks for Beyond Color. Works by Mercedes Pardo. Sicardi Ayers Bacino Gallery. Houston, Texas.

2017        As part of Tarraya collective: Producer and host of A Dialogue with artist Magdalena Fernandez. Houston, Texas

2006         Keynote Speaker, Award ceremony of the XI Salón Nacional de Arte Alejandro Otero, homenaje a Mercedes Pardo. San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela.

2001        Panelist 10th ANDIEP , National Education Conference with the talk:  Art as a freedom practice.

2000        Artist Talk at the XXV Salon Nacional de Arte Aragua, Venezuela. 


1999         Guest Speaker, High School Graduation Ceremony. Escuela Comunitaria San Antonio de los Altos. San Antonio de los Altos.

Co-Founder, Arts and Education NGO

2016 on     Collaborator of Tepuy Venezuelan Community of Houston. Speaker and cultural programs.


2006 on    Co-Founder, Otero Pardo Foundation. San Antonio de los Altos. Estado Miranda, Venezuela.

Conceived and organized what was to become the Otero Pardo Foundation. Renovated Alejandro and Mercedes’ house. Directed and executed primordial document classification, storage, and conservation projects. Cooperated and co-curated Otero and Pardo’s exhibitions.

1996             Co/founder and active member of the NGO Guaraira Repano Asociados para el Arte, la Educación y la Promoción Cultural. 

1983-2013   Active Board Member of the Asociación Civil Escuela Comunitaria San Antonio de los Altos.

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