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A series of small and larger scale works on paper. Black indelible felt pens, black acrylic paint, occasional drawing pencils, watercolor paper, brushes and glue. March 2020 to the present.


I started working on the Drawing Collages just as the world came to a halt at the beginning of the quarantine. Aware as I was of what was going on here and around the world, I chose not to get caught up in a turmoil of draining emotions. I plunged myself into my work, undertaking a very simple routine as necessary and primary as breathing. I would eat, sleep, take walks and work. I had long craved to just do this.   It was me, a minimal set of supplies and fragments of old drawings at work.

Elements, Landscapes, Maps and Towns, Megalithic spaces, Medieval cities, Notes and Letters, Still lives, Travels,  these are the names of the Drawing Collage series I created. Or as a friend called them, a taxonomy of the line. My Drawing Collage pieces are encounters, re-readings of much loved places, spaces, themes and works of art.

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