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When I arrived in Houston in 2013, I decided I would get to know the city through the lens of my phone. One or two years later, I printed some of those images in black and white, high resolution, on a fine photographic paper. I had no interest in them as I guess a photographer would, and I left them behind. 


In 2017 I had scarce hours to do my art work. In the midst of a demanding time, I cut those photographs into squares and decided I would work with them. The results were a large series of collages on paper. Two years later with those collage series in mind, I designed three books. In collaboration with artist, printmaker, photographer Armando Rodriguez, we  digitally printed and hand-bound 18 books, named Prelude, Interlude I and Interlude II. The covers were made with raw linen and the books’ titles printed in serigraphy. We signed and numbered each one of them. 


Prelude, Interlude I and Interlude II are to me a reading of spaces, a journey of reconnaissance of a city that welcomed us. Each of them is narrative of movement in space, through my own time. It is an intimate portrait of this large city.

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