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Ongoing project started in February 2021.

Archival inkjet print on Epson hot press natural 300 gr. paper. 17 x 33 inches and 17 x 30 inches. 

I have been working on Diálogos (Dialogues) parallel to other studio pieces. They are printed at ARRO Studio in Houston, alongside artist printmaker Armando Rodriguez, with whom I have been collaborating since 2018. Diálogos are a pairing, an ongoing conversation between drawing and photography. The photos come from my daily walks, most of the drawings are from the Drawing-Collage series.


In Diálogos, photography is an expressive means in itself. It is not used to assist drawing but rather, as the drawings, it expresses its own synthesis. Both, drawing and photos in conversation aim to articulate and explore pure and essential forms. As a handwriting evolving in time and space, they allow me to revisit natural and urban environments. They are an exercise centered on my specific responses to nature and architecture. 

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