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MINIMAL MONUMENTALITY. Installation. November 2020/April 2021. 

The installation Minimal Monumentality is part of the juried exhibition “Withstand: Latinx Art in Times of Conflict” at the Holocaust Museum Houston, Texas. It will be open from April to October 2021. The piece was conceived during the pandemic lockdown. 


This installation consists of 28 collage pieces of 4 x 6 inches, fastened in line to a wall, and faced by a white void column containing a video device. Inside the column, there is a re-looping video shot from above, of the artist working in front of her studio table. Mariam Matrem, a XIV Century Choral Polyphonic piece is playing. The video invites the spectator to look down and inside. It invites them to intimately witness the artist’s work process. 


The column marks the installation territory and it invites the spectator to take a look at it from 6 feet apart. Standing by the column, one can see an elusive rendering that might seem to be a long stripe of film, or maybe an analog photo contact sheet. As one gets closer, it might read as a sequence of landscapes, small villages, perhaps some megalithic monuments seen from the window of a train in motion. Finally, while approaching the wall, one might realize they are collage pieces made up of small fragments of drawings, pieces of paper with marks and traces... An intimate visual discourse emerges.

Minimal Monumentality. Installation. 202

Direct link to a video of the Installation Minimal Monumentality:   


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