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Video by Beatríz Bellorín. Music by Mercedes Otero.


"After years of introspection and decantation, added to the profound silence enveloping the pandemic, Carolina Otero has created one of the most moving tributes to the liminal process involved in listening to her own inner voice, unfolding her infinitely subtle language as a visual artist. 

The term “L’Inframince” was initially coined by Marcel Duchamp to note ephemeral nuance in the world…sometimes translated as infra-thin, Inframince connotes barely perceptible thinness. Because of its ineffable subtlety, Duchamp implied that Inframince is impossible to define: One doesn't dare but give examples... like the warmth of a seat just left is Inframince, as the whistling sound made by walking in velvet trousers, two objects cast from the same mold, or a reflection from a mirror or glass."

~ Surpik Angelini, Founder, The Transart Foundation for Art and Anthropology

L'INFRAMINCE solo exhibition was held at the Transart Foundation for Art and Anthropology in Houston, Texas, from November 18, 2022 to January 22, 2022.

The documentary video of L’INFRAMINCE, included above, was created by video artist and photographer Beatriz Bellorin, to give viewers a sense of the space, and what took place within it. The soundtrack, "Danza de una flor para el desierto," is an electronic piece composed by Mercedes Otero, in 1985. It was also part of the curatorial proposal for the exhibition.


Visual Artist

Venezuelan. Born in Paris, France.
Currently living and working in

Houston, Texas, USA.


Photo: Carlos Ocando @Light42Studio


"To me, art is the utmost sacred possibility of relating and communicating with others. Art has allowed me to connect with people throughout time and across the world."

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